Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Belated post for Ascension Day.

Last Thursday was Ascension Day and I did not get around to writing the intended post.

 We usually go for a walk up a hill and spend some time considering the story of Jesus' ascension into heaven and what this means for us now. Picnic food is the order for the day and in recent years I have made a chocolate cloud cake by Nigella Lawson.

This year I  find that we are needing to review our traditions , the children are getting older and have schedules and commitments of their own and we have found that, living in the UK, life has a different rhythm. There  just does not always seem to be space in the diary for activities that we once did year to year.

So , that has been and continues to be our challenge - how do we celebrate the seasons of the church year with our pre teen and teenage children in a way that is meaningful and relevant to our current lifestyle? I have always maintained that the liturgical lifestyle has to be flexible and adapt to current family situation and I am now being challenged to let go of some cherished traditions and look for new ways to celebrate. It makes me sad as well as excited as this represents a different season of family life.

Last Thursday I did manage to remind the family of the significance of the day and we ate Cloud Pudding for dessert. Being around the table together is an important part of our family life and provides us with opportunity to talk and discuss important matters of life and faith, as well as to laugh and discuss the frivolous.  Food I believe is an essential element in worship - Jesus is often revealed to us in the breaking of bread.

As long as we continue to eat together we will continue to worship together.

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