Saturday, February 09, 2013

Celebrating Lent - Resources for children.

Lent is the most difficult season to mark in a way that is full of meaning for children. Certainly it is the time that my family struggles with the most. Shrove Tuesday is this Tuesday (12th) which means Lent begins on Wednesday 13th. It is not far away and there is not much time left to plan!

These are some resources and ideas that have worked for our family:

Love Life Live Lent is excellent material produced by Church Publishing House.

Christian Aid produces material called Count your Blessings - also very good.

The Jelly Bean prayer - my kids loved this.

And this is my favourite - planting wheat grass.

There are lots of versions of the Stations of the Cross for children on the internet, this is the one that I have used. And here is a lovely idea for using the meditations.

I would be interested to hear which of these ideas you like and use - and what other suggestions you have. How does your family observe Lent?