Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 Sunday is the feast of Pentecost , the birthday of the church  and an excuse for a party.

Here are a few menu suggestions:

Nine fruits Salad - I did not think anyone needed a recipe to make a fruit salad just include 9 different types to represent the fruits of the spirit.

Seven Layer Dip - to represent the gifts of the spirit.

The colour for Pentecost is red so any Red food is suitable. I have served Duck which is the traditional food for Whitsun and served it with a red sauce. I have also done Chicken Cacciatore.

Other seasonal foods at this time  are gooseberries, elderflower , new potatoes, peas and asparagus.

For dessert how about Flame cupcakes or have a look at Catholic cuisine for lots of ideas for cupcakes.

I usually make a large sponge cake and fill it with cream and red fruits. The top is decorated with 12 candles to represent the disciples and the tongues of fire, 9 strawberries to represent the fruits of the spirit, 7 sugar roses or flowers to represent the gifts of the spirit.

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