Saturday, March 09, 2013

A Day of Joy in the Middle of Lent

We are half way through Lent and Sunday is Refreshment Sunday - otherwise known as Mothering Sunday. In the true tradition of grace we are given a day of relaxation from stringent Lenten fasts and discipline for refreshment. In the past folk were given time off from work to go to their 'mother church' which also usually meant the opportunity to go home and visit family.

It is a shame that this has become the only aspect that is now celebrated - important though our mothers are. Like so many of our celebrations Mothering Sunday has become over commercialised and it's roots forgotten.

Sunday is also called Rose Sunday because rose pink is the colour of joy - a day to be joyful and anticipate that we are drawing closer to the season of unbridled joy; Easter.

Ideas for celebrating Refreshment Sunday ( other than taking your Mum out for lunch!):

  • Relax your fasts and reflect on your what you have learnt so far this Lent. How will you continue to observe the rest of Lent ?
  • Decorate your home with signs of spring - flowers, colours and budding twigs.
  • Make rose decorated cup cakes.
  • Honour all the motherly women who have blessed and influenced you in your faith.

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