Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Days - feeding the birds.

 We are enjoying the birds that come to our garden and have started to feed them over the winter months. I have a pair of binoculars on the kitchen windowsill and we are gradually learning to identify the different birds that visit.

According to the RSPB half the adults in in Britain feed birds in their gardens! Winter is the often the time when we think about feeding the birds , especially during harsh weather conditions when food is scarce. The RSPB website has lots of good advise on how, when and what to feed.

Also, this month on the weekend of the 28th and 29th is the Big Garden Bird Watch . All you have to do is commit one hour to watching the birds in your garden and recording the species that visit, then send the results in to the RSPB.

It looks like fun.


  1. That sounds fun! We should start feeding the birds again. We stopped a couple of houses ago when there were rats next door and the rat catcher guy came and told us not to leave any bird food out because it attracted them :( But since there aren't any here that I know of I'm hoping it would be fine!

  2. I agree - you don't want to encourage rats. We had a big problem with them when we lived in Nepal, and also fairly regular visitors in the Philippnes - although thankfully never in the house. Doing the bird watch was fun - I was a bit disapointed not to see more species.
    Thanks for visiting Rhoda.