Friday, January 06, 2012


Epiphany means an appearance or manifestation , a moment of revelation or insight and is the name given to the beautiful celebration of the visit of the wise men to the young Jesus and his family. It is celebrated on January the 6th.
This year we are going to celebrate on the 7th - mainly because the kids are back to school and we plan to go Geocaching so Saturday is a better day. I read about geocaching some years ago and stored the idea away: it seemed such an excellent way to have fun on Epiphany with a meaningful activity that gets us thinking about intrepid journeys and hunting for the greatest treasure of all. When the children were younger we made crowns for everyone but now the boys especially are less inclined to play with paper and glitter. It seems like a good year to introduce a new, more energetic tradition!

After our adventures and treasure hunting we will have a lunch with  middle eastern theme - since the wise men came from the East;

Lamb Stew with Coucous 
Pitta Bread

followed by a Gallette  de Roi which is the traditional French kings cake. This year is the first year I have made it as I have often been living in places where the ingredients were not available!
and Chocolate Chunk Spice cake which is what I usually make from Catherine Bells book Everyday Epicurean.

The wise men will have completed their journey through the house and will be placed along side the other figures in the Nativity scene.

There are lots of good stories to read together after lunch ; the story of the wise men from Matthew's gospel of course and the story of Babouska - a Russian folk tale, we may read T S Elliots poem ' The Journey of the Magi'

We will feast, laugh, read and play - what I hope above all is that we will end the day with a revelation of our own,  a deeper appreciation of what the coming of Jesus meant to the world beyond Jewish borders.

I am linked to the Nativity Carnival. 

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