Sunday, January 08, 2012

Epiphany 2

A few thoughts on and photos of our Epiphany celebration.

Yesterday evening my husband and I went to see the film 'The Way' at our local community cinema. It is about a father who travels to France to bring home the body of his son who died walking the Camino de Santiago. Once at the place where it begins he decides to walk the way himself. The experience has a profound impact on him and the pilgrims who he meets along the way. An image that remains with me from the film is the clear joy even the most cynical pilgim feels on arriving at Santiago de Compostela.   The metaphor for life  as journey  is currently popular and a little over used in both spiritual and secular circles but it is a picture that is often used in the bible. When we read the story from Matthews gospel yesterday of the wise men setting out on their epic journey and resolutely following the star , seeking the new born king I was struck by their responce when they finally arrived at their destination. They were overwhelmed with joy. Anyone who has completed a trek or a long and ardous journey of some kind knows the relief, the satisfaction and the pleasure of arriving but overwhelming joy? The pilgims on The Way experienced something like this. For the wise men however, joy was complete because their destination was Jesus. The light leads us to Jesus - what other destination could there be?

A few photos of our feast


  1. Wow, what a feast, I am going to take some of these ideas for our messy church service next week if that's OK, I thought it'd be fun to have an epiphany festival.

    Whilst I'm here:
    I have been writing children's bible stories using buses as the characters; called Divine Routes. There is lots of information about the stories on my blog here All five books have been published onto Kindle this weekend and the first is free for one day only tomorrow, Monday 9th January 2012. I would love it if you would download it, read it and review it on your blog and on Amazon for me. Emma

  2. Sure Emma happy for you to use some ideas. Have fun! I look forward to reading your books.