Sunday, May 08, 2011

Stations of the Resurrection.

In Living Easter Through the Year  the author,  John Pritchard suggests a devotion called the Stations of the Resurrection. It is similar to the The Stations of the Cross which is commonly done on Good Friday or sometime during the last week of Lent but focuses  instead on resurrection readings from the gospels. I decided  I would like to try and adapt John Pritchards devotions  for using with children and make them the focus of one week during Easter.
At the moment, here in Cebu, schools are on summer break and so after Easter Sunday I found myself preoccupied with  sports clinics, sleepovers and various other child related social commitments. Next week, however, is surprisingly clear and I plan to do one station a day with the children each morning , which I hope will bring us back to the central focus of this season.

This is what I think is will look like :

Station 1:  At the Tomb. 
Reading Luke 24:1-12.
We will then make  a model of the empty tomb.

Station 2. At the Easter Garden- The first meeting.
Reading John 20:1-18
We will do some gardening and planting.

Station 3. The Upper Room.
Reading. John 20.19-29
We will either play a game of hide and seek or game involving treasure behind a locked door.

Station 4. The Road to Emmaus.
Reading. Luke 24.13-35
We will probably play some sort of travelling game but I have not quite worked that out yet!

Station 5. By the Lake.
Reading. John 21. 1-14
We will toast marshmallows over a camp fire.

Station 6. The message of Resurrection.
reading 1 Corinthians 15.1-11
Not sure what to do for an activity - maybe a craft? Any suggestions welcome!

Station 7 Christ for the World.
 Reading. Matthew 28. 16-20.
We will look at a globe and do some research on how many Jesus followers  there are around the world and how many people have yet to know Him.

I plan to use the prayers from John Pritchards book although I may simplify the words slightly. I will keep you posted on how our week goes!

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