Sunday, May 15, 2011

Station 4 - The Road to Emmaus

Yesterday we did an Emmaus Walk together, of sorts. I was really stuck trying to find a game or activity that fitted with the story and our schedule for the day. I was suddenly inspired to combine our story telling with walking the dog! It was not  exactly a quietly meditative walk in beautiful surroundings - not possible with two boys and in Cebu City there are few beautiful places to walk. But , we do know of a quiet, traffic free road in housing sub division where we often take the dog. So, yesterday evening , once the temperatures had dropped a bit, we went all together. The boys took gloves and a baseball to practice catching as they walked  and we re told the story of Jesus meeting His friends on the road to Emmaus ( Luke 24.13-25). The kids knew the story well already and my husband and I filled in a few details from time to time. We decided that it would have taken them about 6 hours to walk 7 miles at the pace we were walking and about an hour to run all the way back to Jerusalem, depending on how fit they were and how fast they ran!

My daughter and I had an interesting discussion on whether there were times in our lives when we had not, or might not recognised Jesus walking as our companion along the way.

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  1. I love the road to Emmaus story--the one walking beside us whose presence we do not recognize!