Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday

Bread and wine on our Easter table.

Last night we shared our usual Maundy Thursday meal with friends. I cooked Lamb Shanks braised in Red Wine with Rosemary and Garlic served with mashed potatoes and green vegetables ( asparagus and green salad). Our friends brought dessert. In the centre of the table was the Seder plate containing  the traditional  symbolic foods for Passover. On the plate is a lamb bone, green vegetable, roasted egg, bitter herbs, salt water and haroset which is a mixture of chopped apple and nuts. Each item represents an aspect of the Exodus story - the story of God's  redemption of the Israelite people from Egypt.
  • The lamb bone - the sacrificial lamb that God ordered the Israelites to eat before they left, the blood smeared over their doorposts ensured that the angel of death passed over them. Jesus is our sacrificial lamb ensuring that God passes over our sins.
  • Haroset is a symbol of the mortar used by the slaves to build in Egypt.
  • The green vegetable is a symbol of spring , the Israelite slaves experienced new life as we do in Christ.
  • A roasted egg represents the temple sacrifice
  • The bitter herbs represent the bitterness of slavery and the salty water, the tears of the slaves. Our enslavement is to sin.
Before we ate we read the Exodus story and the story of the Last Supper from the bible and then we shared bread and wine ( red grape juice for the children) around the table . It is a real treat for the children to drink their grape juice from real wine glasses!


  1. Hi Jo, what are you guys doing in Cebu. Your lamb shanks recipe sound amazing.
    I had never though of stripping down the house for Lent. what a lovely Lenten discipline.

  2. Yes , the lamb was very tasty! We have been in Cebu was 3 years, initially we worked for the Leprosy Mission but for the last year we have been working with a small mission group helping to start village health initiatives among tribal villages in Mindanao.
    Thanks for stopping by Anita. Apologies, it has taken me awhile to respond.