Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 Days of Christmas - Holy Innocents Day.

Christmas is a season - which means that we don't have to squeeze all the celebration into one day; we can spread out the fun, food and festivities and pace ourselves! After the waiting of Advent it is worth making this celebration last. I enjoy the lulls as much as the get together with family, the feasting and parties - quiet days at home together when the children build their new Lego models, try out the new scooter or craft kit , I curl up with my new book and we eat leftovers. These are days of thankfulness.

Today is Holy Innocents Day. This is the day when we recall the horrific massacre of the babies in Bethlehem orchestrated by an enraged and jealous King Herod in an attempt to remove the threat of an infant rival.

We usually remember this day by making a donation to a children's charity. This year we chose VIVA  an organisation that works all over the world in education, health , safety and advocacy.
We has been saving our loose change in a jar for the last five months - the children counted it out and it was enough for twelve children to attend a Viva Christmas party.

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  1. So cool. We are friends with Patrick and Emily, the founders of Viva. Happy New Year, Jo!