Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ordinary Time.

After Pentecost we begin 'Ordinary Time'. This does not mean 'usual' time or 'boring' time but it is a quieter interlude, without any major periods of penitence or feasting. The colour for Ordinary time is green, the gentle, glowing,  colour of growth and  growth is what Ordinary time is all about. The steady progress of everyday life, without the excitement of feasts and celebrations, gives us the opportunity to concentrate on cultivating our spiritual life, maturing our prayer life and growing 'in grace and favour' with God.

The Sunday after Pentecost is Trinity Sunday and the season from now until Advent is known as Trinity Season. Because , in the Northern  hemisphere, Trinity Season falls during the summer I like to think of it as time to relax with God. I do breathe a small sign of relief after Pentecost; for a few months I can wind down, there are no celebrations to plan or intense periods of worship and exhilaration. I can read, pray, enjoy holidays with no theme or agenda, nurture relationships and enjoy being outside in the garden or in the countryside.

For our dinner table last Sunday my daughter made white dove shaped name places, on one side we wrote someones name and on the other one of the fruits of the Spirit. I did this in such a way that I did not know which fruit was linked with which name. Each of us now have a fruit  to cultivate in companionship with the Holy Spirit during Ordinary time.

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